Saturday, July 16, 2005

Human imagination

"Human imagination is such a forcible thing, it has such a tremendous force within it,
that if you imagine something continuously you will start feeling it around you.
Then you can see it, then you can realize it. It will become an objective thing.
It is not objective but you will feel it as existing outside you.
So it is dangerous to play with imagination because then you can be hypnotized by your own imagination and you can come to see and feel things which are not.
This is creating a private fantasy, a dreamworld; this is a sort of madness. You can see Krishna, you can see Christ, you can see Buddha, but this whole effort is wasted
because you are moving in dreams and not in reality.
Hence, my insistence to always remember that these mythological figures are symbolic. They are meaningful, they are poetic, they are a certain language. They say something, they imply something but they are not objective personalities.
If you can remember this, then you can use them beautifully.
They can be of much help. But if you think of them as objective, they will be harmful and by and by you will move into a dreamworld and you will lose contact with the reality.
And to lose contact with the reality is to go mad.
Be constantly in contact with reality.
Still, do not allow the objective reality to kill the inner and the subjective.
Be alive and alert in the inner world but do not mix them.
This is happening: either we allow the objective reality to kill the inner and the subjective,
or we allow the subjective to project a dreamworld on the objective,
and then the objective disappears. These are two extreme viewpoints.
Science goes on thinking in terms of the objective and goes on denying the subjective. Religion goes on talking about the subjective and denying the objective.
I am totally different from both.
My emphasis is that objective is objective and let it remain objective.
Subjective is subjective and let it remain subjective.
Keep their purities and you will be saner for it.
If you mix them, if you confuse them,
you will become insane, you will lose balance.
"From:The Supreme DoctrineChapter #15Chapter title:
Now You Can Go15 July 1973 pm in Mt Abu Meditation Camp


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