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It is only the blind who miss, it is only the deaf who miss, but the greater part of humanity consists of blind and deaf people. Initiation into sannyas means that now you will search for the eyes and the ears. They are there, we just have not used them. Because they have not been functioning for a long long time, they are not working. If you start using them a little bit, slowly slowly blood circulates in them, slowly slowly life is revived, slowly slowly you start seeing, hearing, feeling -- and these are the beginnings. The ultimate is when all these have happened to the maximum: you come to know being.

Osho Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Itself
Anand means bliss, abhishek means initiation into. Sannyas is an initiation into bliss. My religion is that of celebration. My worship is to be in a festive mood, to be constantly cheerful, to always be in that mood of rejoicing in the existence.
The old sannyas used to be an initiation into something serious, heavy, because it was renouncing the world. My sannyas is totally opposite, diametrically opposite. This is neo-sannyas, a totally new vision of sannyas not of renunciation but of rejoicing, and not of the spirit of seriousness but of the spirit of festivity, of light-heartedness, of taking life as fun, play.

Osho Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot
Udbhava means real birth. Sannyas is the science of real birth. The first birth is physical; it only makes your body but not you. Your body arises in the mother's womb but you have still to be born. The temple is empty, the master is not there yet, or in other words the master is asleep. And only when the master awakens is one really born; that is the second birth. That is the meaning of all methods of initiation. Initiation means that you are entering into a school which will function like a womb to create your soul.
Sannyas is a great commitment -- a commitment to yourself to be reborn.

Osho Zorba the Buddha
Freedom is the taste of sannyas, the fragrance of sannyas. My sannyasins are not trying to cultivate any character, they are trying a totally different phenomenon: they are raising their consciousness. And then I leave everybody free to live according to his own light.

Osho Come, Come, Yet Again Come
Sannyas is empathy -- to be totally with me, utterly with me, to drop all defences, to come so close that my nothingness starts overflowing in you, to come so close that there are no more boundaries, that we start overlapping. For that experience, sannyas is needed And a Buddha can be known only that way, there is no other way.

Osho The Diamond Sutra
"I am a totally different kind of man. My approach is utterly different. I say become a sannyasin without any conditions and sannyas will transform you slowly, slowly, and will bring into existence all those qualities that other religions were asking before sannyas. Before sannyas, those qualities are not possible.
"If I say to this man, `First you stop drinking alcohol completely, only then can I give you sannyas,' he will not be able to . He has tried his whole life -- and the more you fail again and again, the more you know that it is completely useless to try. You know you are going to fail. I don't make any conditions.
"I have given sannyas to your husband. Don't be worried, because my sannyas is not renouncing the wife or the children or the house or the business of the world. I am bringing a totally new conception of sannyas into the world.

Osho From the Fa
se to the Truth
But my sannyas is totally different: it has nothing to do with age.It has something to do with youth rather than old age. The younger you are, the more possibility there is of entering into my sannyas. Even those who are old physically but young spiritually will feel attracted.towards it -- ONLY those will feel attracted towards it.
I am not teaching you escape from life. I am not teaching you the other world. I am teaching you how to live this life with great gratitude, with immense joy, with ecstasy. I am not anti-life. I am all for life, because to me life is God. There is no other God.

Osho The Guest
And my sannyas does not involve any obligation either -- the moment you are a sannyasin, you are totally at freedom. It means now you have taken a decision, and this is the last decision. Now you have not to take any decision anymore. You have taken the last decision now -- to live in indecision, to live in freedom.

Osho I Am The Gate
My sannyas is life-affirmative. Nothing like this has ever flowered on the earth. It is a totally new phenomenon. All the old ideas about sannyas were based on escapism, on renunciation. My sannyas has nothing to do with escape, it is AGAINST escape, because to me God and life are synonymous. It has never been said that God and life are synonymous. God has always been put AGAINST life: you have to drop life to attain God. And I say to you, you have to live as totally as possible, as intensely as possible, as passionately as possible if you want to know God at all, because there is no other God than life
. Osho Tao: The Golden Gate


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