Saturday, July 16, 2005

Osho on sacrcity

"The supply of each day is sufficient for its needs.
The only reason a person has `needs' exceeding his supply is that he has practiced the belief in scarcity until it has become a manifested reality.

Scarcity is an interesting, but highly artificial contrivance of the mind.
Consider this: When there is more than you can ever touch, see, feel, hear, or do, why would you ever believe in scarcity of your own accord?

Scarcity is the most implausible conclusion that could ever be drawn from any body of evidence. The allure of scarcity is that it seems to provide an extra certainty of prediction, manipulation, and control over others.

But the inevitable betrayal of such belief is that it will rob you of true abundance.
Even if a person becomes materially wealthy and focuses on what he lacks,
his heart will be set on fear of losing instead of joy in having. "


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