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One of the most beautiful phenomena in the world is that of being a disciple, because now you know what rapport is. Now you breathe, inhale, exhale with the master; now you lose your boundaries and become one with him. Now something of his heart starts flowing towards you; now something of him comes into you.
Osho And the Flowers Showered That is what sannyas is: an authentic discipleship. It means putting your mind aside. You have lived according to your mind up to now. If that is fulfilling, then there is no need for anybody to become a sannyasin.
If you feel you are blissful with your mind, then why bother about a master? Why carry an unnecessary load? Why become tethered? It is certain that as your mind is, it is nothing but anguish; it is suffering, misery, despair. But you are not ready to become a sannyasin. That means you are not ready to put your mind aside.

Osho From the False to the Truth

Discipleship is of the heart. The mind goes on rambling and talking and doubting and being suspicious. In spite of that, in spite of the chattering mind, one takes the jump. I say "in spite of that". That is the only way -- you simply don't listen to the mind. You simply move beneath the mind, reach the heart, and ask the heart. Discipleship is like love, it is not like a business partnership. It is not a bargain. You simply give, without knowing whether something is going to happen or not. Whether you will receive anything back, you don't know. You simply give. That's why it is courage.

Osho The Grass Grows by Itself

I deny being a guru, but I do not deny your being a disciple. One should never be a guru, but discipleship is something without which nothing is possible. And when there is no guru, then discipleship is something inner -- an inner discipline. Both these words come from the same root. 'Discipleship' means a mind which is ready to seek, search, learn -- a mind which is open and vulnerable. So I deny being a guru, but I do not deny your being a disciple.
Osho I Am The Gate

There is no God, there is godliness. There is no religion, there is religiousness. There is no Master, there is only mastery, masterliness. And as the Master becomes a quality, immediately the disciple becomes a quality. Then there is no disciple, only discipleship.
Discipleship is a totally different thing. Disciplehood, or to come to the exact right word, discipline. The word discipline means learning, the process of learning. There is no disciple, no learner, but there is a process of learning.
There is no Master who teaches you, but there is a Master -- being who shares that which he has found. And his treasure is infinite, inexhaustible.

Osho The Last Testament

Discipleship is a training, a learning to become a tilled, right earth. The seed is there but the right earth has to be found. You have the tree within you; the master can only give you the right earth. He can till you, he can throw the weeds out, he can make the soil worthy to receive. He can make the soil rich with fertilizers -- he is a gardener.
Osho The Mustard Seed: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus And remember, if you are a student you can become a teacher but never a master. Only a disciple can become a master. If you are a student, a scholar, you can become a teacher -- never a master. Only a disciple can become a master. Discipleship means egoless surrender. And once you surrender, your innermost self is revealed to you. That is the master who is waiting for you. He has been waiting for you for lives and lives.
In any moment of surrender, the master will be revealed to you. And that master is no one. It is your own innermost self, it is your own atman. So really, this can be said: when you are a perfect disciple you have become a master. You are no longer a disciple at all. Discipleship achieved, you are now transformed into a master.

Osho The New Alchemy: To Turn You On

Devotion is the ultimate flowering of discipleship.
When love is so deep, the respect is so immense that everything is forgiven, the disciple can slap the master and yet the master simply laughs -- because he knows his devotion. He knows that this slap has not come from a logical mind, it has come from a loving heart. It is as if with his own hand he has slapped himself -- no distinctions are there anymore. Even to say that the devotee is close to the master is not right, because closeness is still a distance.
The devotee is one with the master.

Osho The Osho Upanishad

Discipleship is no ordinary experience. So remember neither can I make you a sannyasin nor can you make yourself a sannyasin. I can give you the direction, the incentive, and you have to work hard to exhaust yourself completely, not holding anything back, knowing perfectly well that this is not going to give you disciplehood. But in a way it is going to give... because when you have done everything that you can do, a silence descends on you, the effort drops. You are in a state of non-action, and in that state, in that moment, the blossoming of discipleship -- suddenly so many flowers surround you, so much fragrance, so much light.

Osho The Path of The Mystic

Discipleship simply means an attitude to learn -- moment to moment remaining aware that "I don't know." This knowing that "I don't know," this awareness that "I am ignorant," gives you opening; then you are not closed. The moment you say, "I know," you are a closed circle; the door is no more open. But when you say, "I don't know," it means you are ready to learn. It means the door is open.

Osho Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega


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