Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Time of Your Life. Now!


The Time of Your Life. Now!

Time is flexible. Too slow for those who wait.
Too long for those in pain. Too short for those who celebrate.
But for two lovers who kiss, time stands still.
And for those who meditate, time is no more.

Time is ruthless.
The clock never stops.
You go on racing against time.
You never have enough time.
Day after day, week after week, month after month,
year after year and, indeed, life and life,
you are short of time.
Too much work and too little time.
You always say, ‘I have no time’ for things you find distasteful or tough.
But then, you also say,
‘Just killing time’ for some things that are casual.
Here you are not killing time, time is killing you!
Are you going to take charge of your time or
are you going to let other people and distractions take it over for you?
Are you going to spend it yourself to get the best
out of it or are you going to let other people spend it for you?

It all depends upon whether you want to be controlled by time or go beyond time.
Osho equates time with mind and also with death.
Once you are within mind, you are under the cruel hand of time.
You become old and weak.
Once you transcend time, you meditate, you are enlightened are ever young – eternal.
There is only one time – ‘Herenow’.
It is the concept of living in the moment and going beyond time.

Osho says, “Rama is never born and never dies.
Krishna is never born and never dies. They are always there.
Myth is not concerned with time, it is concerned with eternity.
History changes with the times, myth is always relevant.
No, myth can never be out of date.
Newspaper is history, and yesterday's newspaper is already out of date.
Rama is not part of the newspaper, he is not news, and he will never be out of date.
He is always in the present, always meaningful, relevant. History keeps changing;
Rama remains in the center of the wheel, unmoving.

“Have you ever seen a picture of Rama or Krishna in their old age?
They are always young, without even a beard or mustache.
Have you ever seen a picture of Rama bearded?
If Rama was historical, then the beard would have been there; but we have pictured him beardless, because the moment the beard grows you have started becoming old.
Sooner or later it will turn white.
Death is coming near and we cannot bear to think of Rama dead,
so we have washed his face completely clean of any sign of death. A
nd this is not only so with Rama; the twenty-four TIRTHANKARAS of the Jainas are all beardless, no mustaches. Buddha and all the AVATARS of the Hindus had no beards,
no mustaches. It is just to indicate their eternal youth, the eternity, the timelessness,
the far-awayness.”

Saint Augustine said, ”What then is time?
If no one asks me, I know what it is.
If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”
But Osho knows and he explains the timeless of time in this issue.

- Swami Kul Bhushan.
Friday, July 15 2005


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