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My effort here is to de-automatize you. I am doing something absolutely antisocial. The society makes you a machine and my effort is to undo it. I would like this fire to spread and reach to all the nooks and corners of the earth, to help as many people as possible to be conscious. If in a great quantity consciousness grows on the earth, there is a possibility, a hope, we can save humanity yet. All is not lost, but time is running short. Everything is being controlled by politicians and by computers, and both are dangerous. Politicians are mad. It is impossible to be a politician if you are not mad enough. You have to be absolutely insane, because only insane people are power-obsessed.

OshoThe Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha

Here we are doing just a totally different thing. We are trying to undo what the society, the college, the university has done to you. They have made you obsessed with language and logic. Language certainly divides things; that's why truth cannot be said, it can only be showed. I am only indicating the way; I am not really leading you, I am just pointing the way.
Henry Miller has these beautiful lines: "The real leader has no need to lead -- he is content to point the way. Unless we become our own leaders, content to be what we are in the process of becoming, we shall always be servitors and idolaters." I am here just to point the way. Don't start clinging to my fingers, look at the moon the fingers are pointing at. The fingers are irrelevant!

Osho: The Wild Geese and the Water

I'm here to help you to be yourself. When you become a disciple, when I initiate you, I am not initiating you to be imitators. I am just trying to help you to find your own being, your own authentic being -- because you are so confused, you have so many faces that you have forgotten which is the original one. You don't know what your real urge is. The society has confused you completely, misguided you. Now you are not certain of who you are. When I initiate you, the only thing that I want to do is to help you come to your own home. Once you are centered in your own being, my work is finished. Then you can start. In fact, a Master has to undo what the society has done. A Master has to undo what the culture has done. He has to make you a clean sheet again.

Osho Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega

I teach you a new man, a new humanity, which will not think of the future and which will not live with shoulds and oughts, which will not deny any natural instinct, which will accept its body, which will accept all that is given by God with deep gratitude.
OshoThe Book of WisdomI teach you fearlessness.Live as totally and passionately as possible, because it is through intense living that you will find God. God is nothing but life lived at the optimum, with total abandon, a dance danced so totally that the dancer disappears; only the dance remains. Then you have found and you have come home.

Osho Come, Come, Yet Again Come

I teach you the way of fearlessness. It is simply fear and nothing else that is preventing you, although you will not feel very happy with my answer. You must have been expecting that I would say something very gratifying to your ego. Excuse me, I cannot speak any untruth. I can only speak the true, and if it hurts, it hurts. It is only through truth that light starts entering into your being. So if you feel wounded...because your name seems unfamiliar to me, you must be new. And with new people I am never so rude, but I see a possibility in you, hence I am so hard.

OshoThe Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha

I don't teach any philosophy. I teach you existence, truth, beauty, and grandeur. It all happens at the third step without any effort -- the metamorphosis from a man into a new man.
OshoGod is Dead, Now Zen is the Only Living TruthI am for transformation, hence I teach my sannyasins to be creative. Create music, create poetry, create painting, create pottery, sculpture -- create something! Whatsoever you do, do it with great creativeness, bring something new into existence, and your sex will be fulfilled on a higher plane and there will be no repression. Let your sex become more and more love and less and less lust. And then finally let your love also become a little higher -- that is prayer. Lust is the lowest form of sex, love higher than sex, and prayer is the ultimate transformation.

Osho I Am That
I teach you freedom of your individuality. Destroy all kinds of prisons, destroy all kinds of lies -- and you can destroy them only by meditation. Rise beyond time and mind, and you will find not only that you are divine, but the whole existence is divine, life is divine. And you enter into a totally new dimension that has been completely blocked by scriptures, by priests, by God, by heaven and hell, by all kinds of fear, by all kinds of greed.

OshoI Celebrate Myself

Relationship and meditation: meditation and relationship. Let it be the music, the harmony between these two. This is what will make you a sage, a real sannyasin. The old sannyas was of renunciation; the new sannyas I teach you is of rejoicing Rejoice in love, rejoice in meditation! Rejoice in all kinds of things in life! God has given you a great opportunity -- don't miss it. Missing it will be the only sin.

Osho Philosophia Perennis

I am not going to teach you some new knowledge. I am going to teach you only a pure type of ignorance. When I say pure ignorance, I mean innocence. I mean a mind which is totally vacant, open. A mind that knows is never open: it is closed. The very feeling that "I know" closes you. And when you feel that "I don't know" you are open: you are ready to move, ready to learn, ready to travel.

Osho: The Supreme Doctrine

I don't teach renunciation of your wealth or of anything. Let everything be as it is. Just add one thing more to your life. Up to now you have been adding only things to your life. Now add something to your being -- and that will do the music, that will do the miracle, that will do the magic, that will create a new thrill, a new youth, a new freshness.
OshoThe Transmission of the LampI teach you a new religion! Not Christianity, not Hinduism, not Jainism, not Buddhism. I teach you a new kind of religiousness -- guilt-free, tabooless, non-repressive. I teach you a religion of joy, acceptance, naturalness, spontaneity.

Osho: Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind

I don't teach positivism; I don't teach negativism either. I simply teach an understanding of this polarity, and through that understanding slowly, slowly going beyond both, going into exactly the middle. From the middle the door opens. Once you have seen the beauty of the middle, the unexcited beauty of the middle, the ecstasy without excitement -- once you have tasted of it then both lose their meaning. Then neither hot nor cold is significant. Then you remain in a new space which can be called cool if you think in comparison with cold, or can be called warm if you think in comparison with hot. It is a cool-warm space: from one side it is cool, from another side it is warm. It is very cosy and very refreshing. Try it!

Osho: Zorba the Buddha


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