Saturday, July 16, 2005

Logic and God:

"Logic has an appeal for the mind, because it is mind-created,
manufactured by the mind. With logic, the mind can cling and remain safe, secure;
every step into logical thinking strengthens the mind more and more.
So people who think they can prove God by logic are simply being foolish.
God cannot be proved by logic, he can only be disproved by logic.
You can try; superficially, your logic may have a certain appeal,
but if you go deeper into it you will certainly find loopholes.
Logic can only deny God because God is whole and paradoxical.
How can you prove a paradox by logic?
You have to look at the whole directly, putting your mind aside.
If you can renounce the mind you have renounced all that is worthless.
If you can observe life without the mind, suddenly it is a benediction:
nothing was ever lacking and nothing was ever hidden,
everything was an open secret -
only you were hidden behind your logic, only your eyes were clouded by logic."
Osho, The Living Tao


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