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Osho on war arising out of sexual repression

Osho speaks below about war arising out of sexual repression.

from "Atheist Morality" at'

It has long been said that any movement which fears education is a movement of oppression. Are the fundamentalists so sure that they're an exception to this rule?

Children do not benefit from being kept in the dark. As parents, we need to give them guidance and support, and we may even need to give them discipline. We need to set examples, we need to let them see both sides of an argument, and then we need to let them make an informed choice. If we've raised them properly, they will make the choices that are best for them.

But if we think we can force them to follow our wishes by witholding information, then we are doing our children a terrible disservice. We need to tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, because your kids will not respect you if you don't respect them, and respect starts with honesty.

That is our idea of "family values", not this ridiculous fundamentalist doctrine of not letting them know what a condom is for.'….

The hippie slogan -- Make love not war -- is very, very meaningful. If the world were more loving, war would disappear automatically, because who would be ready to fight? For what?No country wants its people to be very loving.

No country wants its people to be deep in love -- because if they are deep in love they become incapable of war. Their sex, their love, has to be repressed. When love and sex are repressed, people are ready to jump out of their skins. They are so boiling; they are always ready to fight. That's why a poor country can fight better than a rich country.

That is the story of Vietnam. The American soldier knows a little of love -- he has the facility, he is not so repressed. That is the problem with America now: America is not so repressed. It has tasted of love. But when you fight with a small country like Vietnam you cannot win, because their soldiers are very repressed.

It has always happened in the past: a richer country is always in danger of being invaded by a poorer country.It has happened in India many times. For two, three thousand years, India had been continuously conquered by barbarians who were not rich, who were not affluent, who were not cultured at all. But India was defeated continuously.

People were loving -- they had forgotten how to fight, they were not interested in fighting. There was no need inside for them to be continuously at war. Whenever a civilization reaches to the point where it becomes affluent, it is in danger of being invaded by barbarians.

This is unfortunate, but this is so.So every country and every politician tries not to allow love too much. It has to be given only in small quantities.

If love is free, and people are very loving and they exist in an ocean of love, war is not possible. Without war, politics is not possible; without politics, presidents and premiers are not possible. They will simply disappear.

The Beloved, Vol 1


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