Thursday, July 14, 2005

two ways to encounter worries...

“Remember, there are two ways to encounter worries: one is to try to solve them on the surface __ nobody has ever solved; the other is to remove yourself to a remote corner of the mountain.

The further you go away, the greater the distance, the better you can see, because distance gives perspective. And when you can see better the worries start dissolving, the further away you move, the more worries automatically dissolve, because now you are not feeding them by constantly remaining near them. Now you are not giving your attention to them, they wither away.

And once you have reached the farthest corner of your being you simply don’t know whether there are worries or not, whether they have ever existed. You simply wonder.

This is the Eastern way to solve worries: to move inside to a remote corner. The Western way is to face the worries and to try to solve them. And the West has been a failure. Nothing helps __ neither psychoanalysis nor other trends in psychiatry, nothing helps __ because everybody is trying to solve them on the surface. They may give you a little consolation or they may make you more adjusted to the society; they may give you a little more confidence, they may make you normal, that’s all.

But ‘normal’ simply means normally-abnormal, nothing else. Normal simply means like
everybody else. But how is everybody else? Everybody else is also neurotic, lukewarm neurotic. Psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and all trends in the West, can make you more adjusted, normal, that’s all. The maladjustment disappears; you become adjusted. But what do you become adjusted to? __ if the whole society is sick, you become adjusted to sickness, if the whole society is neurotic, you become adjusted to neurosis.

The Eastern way is totally different. It is not to become more adjusted to society, no, because society itself is ignorant, ill, sick. To be adjusted to it is not the point. The point is to become more remote from the society so that you can find your own roots, your own grounding. Once you find your own grounding, worries will exist __ they are part of life __ but you are not worried by them. They exist and you tackle with them on the surface, but you are not involved, you remain outside,

A real meditator becomes authentically an outsider, he remains outside. He remains at such a faraway distance that he can look at himself as if he is looking at somebody else. Worries will be there just like waves will be there on the surface of the ocean, but in the deeper layers of the ocean there are no waves. If you get identified with the waves then there is trouble. This identification is the root cause of all misery. The more remote you move, the more the identification dissolves; it breaks, it falls. Suddenly you are in the world but not of the world. Suddenly you have transcended.”

Osho, Returning To The Source, pp 15-16


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